There is a quiet and picturesque village called Thal located about 3-5 kilometers north of Alibag. The unique feature of this village is the two strongly built Khanderi and the Underi forts, which have been struggling with the waves of Arabian Sea for centuries with historical heritage. Since Alibag is well connected to the Mumbai Goa highway, there are a large number of tourists visiting here.

One can visit these forts by requesting local fishermen to facilitate the boat and avoid the inconvenience. Earlier on the shore, there was a fort called Khubladha. The small fort was built to keep a watch on the Khanderi and Underi forts. Unfortunately, the fort has collapsed today in the course of time and only remnants are left. Khanderi Fort is almost 3 km inside from the main beach while 1 km away from Underi towards the west. 

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj decided to build both these fortresses as both these islands are in between the Mumbai and Janjira of Murud. But meanwhile the British became aware & they opposed and claimed on both these fortresses. Mumbai had been gifted to British from the Portuguese and hence claimed to have got both these islands as well. There is a special rock inside. If it is hit by a small stone, a unique metallic sound can be heard. Inside the Khanderi fort, there are places of reverence of different religions such as Vetaal Mandir, Hanuman Mandir, Buddha Mandir, Cross, Peer, etc.

How to reach?

Thal is almost 4 km away from Alibag on Alibag-Revas road. The village is situated 3 km inside from the main road. One can get a private boat to go inside the forts from seashore.

What to see?

Historical fortresses Khanderi and Underi.