From Dapoli-Harne road, Keshavraj temple is 6 km away. This place is home to a lot of scenic attractions. Different varieties of forest flowers, fungi, and trees grow here. As you move on the small bridge, you’ll encounter an endless number of coconut and palm trees. And traveling on the road after crossing the bridge is pleasing to the eye. Birds keep chirping, and the flow of the river makes the walk a delightful experience. That is how you reach the temple. It is a belief that Pandavas built the Keshavraj temple in a day. Enclosed by stone pavements, this temple has a Ganesh Idol on the left. The center of the premise has a beautiful Vishnu Murti. There is Gomukh (cow’s face) in the temple from where sweet water flows throughout the year. 

This temple is unique. It is so because this place is situated away from human civilization, unlike other Vishnu temples. Any tourist visiting Dapoli makes sure to visit here.

Location: Dapoli.

Accommodation: There are plenty of hotels available.

Transport: You can reach Dapoli by Public as well as private transport.