Out of the three forts built to guard the Suvarnagad fort, the Fattegad fort has lesser-known facts about it. The fortress is said to be mounted by Khairiyat khan after Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s reign. The fortress is now decaying. There are only walls and a wooden bridge that connects Fattegad to Kanakdurg. The fort is nearly 16 km away from Dapoli. It’s near to Harnai town and the road till the entrance of the fort is wide enough to ride with a motorbike. It might take you 1/2 an hour to take a walk around the fort. The Fattegad fort is historically relevant as it has a thrilling past. 

Following Kanhoji Angre’s death, his sons Tulaji and Manaji Angre started fighting for the Angre throne. Nanasaheb Peshwa intervened and took Mananji’s side. Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj was on Tulaji’s side because he thought Tulaji could be a better leader, and thus, appointed him as Sarkhel (Admiral). Tulaji Angre refused to accept that Nanasaheb Peshwa was his superior. So, he didn’t like Shahu Maharaj’s decision and wanted Manaji to take Tulaji’s place. Fattegad fort was now under the control of Tulaji. Then after Chhatrapati Shahu’s death, Nanasaheb joined hands with the British against Tulaji. Commander James of the British army won and handed over the fort to Peshwas only to take the fort away from Peshwas in 1817. 

All the lovers of History, this place must be there on your list!

Location: Harnai, Dapoli.

Accommodation: There are plenty of hotels available.

Transport: You can reach Dapoli by Public as well as private transport.