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About Sudhagad 


Sudhagad is an ancient stronghold located in the Sahyadri mountain range in India’s Maharashtra state. This well- known corner is also called Bhorapgad and Kondana. It’s located about 75 km southwest of Pune and is close to the Karjat region. The stronghold is of great major significance and is one of the veritably many castles in Maharashtra that have noway been conquered. It was preliminarily used as a strategic military village to cover the girding areas from raiders. 


 The region around Sudhagad is known as Kokon. It’s a lush, green area that’s dotted with small townlets and townlets. It’s home to the Kokan lineage, which is one of the oldest lines in Maharashtra. The people of this region are substantially growers and are substantially dependent on husbandry for their livelihood. 


 The region around Sudhagad is popular for its scenic beauty and is an ideal spot for touring, boarding, raspberry watching and other out-of-door conditioning. The region is covered with thick timbers and is rich in foliage and fauna. The region is also known for its ancient tabernacles and sanctuaries. 


 The region of Kokon is also known for its artistic and religious heritage. The Kokan people are Hindu by religion and follow the Vedic religion. The region also has its own unique culture and traditions. Music, cotillion and carnivals are an important part of the Kokan culture. 


The main language spoken in Kokon is Marathi, though it’s also spoken in some conterminous sections. The Kokan people are known for their hospitality and are veritably welcoming to callers. The region is also known for its traditional cookery that includes dishes like bhakri, vada pav, bhaji, thalipeeth and further


Sudhagad is also a popular sightseer destination. The stronghold offers stunning views of the girding country and is a great place to explore. Callers can also explore the near townlets and townlets and take part in colorful conditioning. 


Sudhagad is an important part of Maharashtra’s history and culture and the region of Kokon is a unique place that offers callers a unique experience. It’s a great place to explore and witness the culture, history and hospitality of the Kokan people.

About Sudhagad

Sudhagad is a historic fort in Raigad district. This fort was also been called as Bhorpgad earlier. Once we passed through the Pali town which is famous for one of the Ashtavinayak Temples called Ballaleshwar, we begin to see the greenery that appeals to the eyes. All this forestry on the mountain slopes in the area is preserved. Sudhagad and the surrounding area is declared as a sanctuary on 7 August 2014. The area of Sudhagad is surrounded by dense forest. The fort is 619 meters above sea level. There are Buddhist caves in Thanale village which is nearby Sudhagad. On the fort, there is the palace of the Pant Sachiv of Bhor & the temples of Bhorai Devi and Bhoreshwar. Apart from this, many historical sites like Pachhapur Darwaza, Dindi Darwaza, grain storage rooms, bhandyache taake, havaladar tale, hatti tale are worth seeing. There are many herbs and wildlife in the vicinity of Sudhgad fort. Sudhagad was the first capital of the Bhor Sansthan. It is mentioned in the history that Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj had an idea of making this fort as the capital of Swarajya. At present, this fort is very popular among the trekkers of Mumbai and Pune.
Pali, Sudhagad