About Pune


Pune, located in the western Indian state of Maharashtra, is a popular sightseeing destination for its rich history, culture, and decor. It’s the alternate-largest megacity in Maharashtra and the eighth-largest metropolitan megacity in India. It’s known as the “ Oxford of the East ” due to its educational and artistic openings. Kokon is a small vill in the Pune quarter. Located in the foothills of the Sahyadri Mountains, it offers spectacular views and an occasion to explore nature. It’s also close to the megacity of Pune and makes for a great day trip. 


 Kokon is home to numerous ancient tabernacles, castles and other literal spots. The most notorious of these is the Mahalaxmi Temple, a tabernacle devoted to the goddess Mahalaxmi. The tabernacle is further than 500 times old and is a popular passage point for Hindus. There are also a number of other tabernacles, including the Ganesh tabernacle and the Raja Bhonsale Temple. Kokon is also home to a number of natural lodestones, including the Mula River, which flows through the vill. There are several falls and defiles along the swash, offering a unique occasion to explore nature. The near hills are home to numerous species of catcalls, making it a great spot for raspberry watching. 


 Kokon is known for its original cookery, which is a mix of traditional Indian and ultramodern- day flavors. The hand dish of the vill is the Kokon Thali, which is a combination of several original dishes. Other popular dishes include Biryani, Paneer Tikka, and Mutton Korma. Kokon is also home to several adventure conditioning for excursionists. These include trekking, cascade rappelling, zip-filling, kayaking, and more. There is a plenitude of conditioning for all age groups, from kiddies to grown-ups. 


Kokon is fast getting a popular sightseeing destination in Pune due to its propinquity to the megacity and its natural beauty. It’s also a great place to witness the culture and history of pastoral India. With its tabernacles, castle falls, nature, and artistic lodestones, Kokon is a must-visit destination in Pune.