Murud – Janjira Beach

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About Murud – Janjira Beach

Tourist areas in Raigad district are scattered all over the place, however there are some of the top tourist destinations. Murud-Janjira Beach is just one of them. Whenever tourists comes to Konkan, their main expectations are best accommodations, forts, sanctuaries, beaches, historic monuments, waterfalls etc. Murud Janjira fulfills all their needs. And hence it’s been called Paradise of Raigad District.

Janjira fort is one of the major tourist destination in Murud Janjira.  Janjira has a very strong fortification wall and the fort has become stronger by the 19 impenetrable towers separated by the gap of 100 feet’s. Out of these armature bastions, three large guns have been raised towards outside direction out of which Kalal Bangdi and Landa Kasam guns are main.

Besides Ammunition closet, treasure room, two ponds of water in the fort, two storey building, Koliwada, some Hindu sculptures and sand dunes are also available. Another major attraction is Padmdurg fort built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to keep a watch on Siddi. He build this fort on a big rock of Danda Rajpuri in 1663. This fort is 2 miles away from Janjira and has entrance and many bastion. Many guns can be seen inside the fort. Also there is a sweet water lake inside the fort.