About Karjat 


Karjat is a small city located in the Raigad quarter of Maharashtra, India. It’s positioned on the banks of the Ulhas River, about 100 km from Mumbai and Pune. It’s known as the ‘ Gateway to Kokan ’ and is girdled by the beautiful Sahyadri mountain range. It’s an ideal weekend flight destination for those looking to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Karjat is known for its rolling hills, lush green denes, and natural springs. It’s a popular spot for touring, hiking, and camping. It’s also home to some of India’s most beautiful falls, similar to those in the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary. 


 Karjat is home to some of the most graphic townlets in the region. It’s known for its traditional Kokani townlets, which have a unique culture and life. The people of these townlets are warm, drinking, and friendly. They’re known for their hospitality and their amenability to partake in their culture and traditions with callers. The main magnet of Karjat is its natural beauty. It’s home to some of the most beautiful timbers and mountains in India, as well as numerous gutters, falls, and lakes. There are plenitude of conditioning to do then, similar as sightseeing, touring, fumbling, and camping. 


Karjat is also home to some of the stylish strands in India. The region is known for its pristine white- beach strands, which are ideal for sunbathing, swimming, or just relaxing. One of the most popular strands in the region is Madh Island, which is a great place for fun and games or just to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Karjat is a great place to visit for those looking for a peaceful and comforting holiday. There are plenitude of conditioning to do then, from sightseeing to camping to touring. The natural beauty of the area is what makes it so special, and it’s surely worth visiting. 


 Karjat is also home to some of the stylish cookery in India. The original food is known for its unique flavor and is veritably popular among callers. Some of the most popular dishes include Kokani fish curry, Kombdi vade, and aloo bhaji. Karjat is surely a great place to visit if you’re looking for a peaceful, relaxing, and beautiful destination. Its natural beauty, traditional townlets, and succulent cookery make it a great place to spend time with family and musketeers. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax or an adventure, Karjat is the perfect destination.