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Built-in 1913 and located on the banks of Amba River and, 107 years old Revas port is known as the oldest port in the Konkan. Revas has got its own beautiful seashore and because it is not much crowded, many tourists enjoy peace of mind with relaxation. The whole surrounding area is extractable and while standing on the port, one can see the coastal line of Karanja & Uran clearly.

The high hills and mountains are all around and the view in the rainy season is really fascinating. Since Konkani man is a nature and farm lover, we also found many coconut and betel nut gardens at surrounding. Also in some hilly areas, small bungalows have been built. Revas port is quite famous for fishing and a perfect place to have fresh seafood from local vendors. Apart from this, there is a provision of breakfast and snacks for tourists coming from Mumbai on a port. If the weather is clear, one can directly see Mumbai standing on a port.

How to reach?

Since there is no railway station near Rewas Beach, regular ferry services are available from Mumbai at affordable rates. Also, it is just 20 kilometers away from Alibag, it is reliable to travel by ST buses, auto-rickshaws, and minidoor services.

What to see?
A mind-blowing panoramic view of Mumbai city.

Rewas Beach