Nagaon Beach

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About Nagaon Beach

On the road that goes from Alibaug to Revdanda, you will find the sightly Nagaon beach. Located just 7 km from Alibaug, this beach is of special prominence in Maharashtra’s Raigad district. Encircled by woodlets of cypress and trees of suru, Nagaon beach is flocked by tourists in a huge number especially because the water it contains is pure and clean.

Visitors enjoy taking part here in tripping islands, boating, water riding and other aquatics. This place is particularly famous for short trips and picnics on weekends. The vast number of bungalows, farmhouses, holiday homes and cottages indicates how well-known and crowded Nagaon beach is. A lot of movie makers from India carry out their filming activities at this place.

Across the sea shore, coconut and betel nut trees are found aplenty and tides of the Arabian Sea water add a dimension of liveliness to the beach view.