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After the last turn that takes you to Mandwa harbor, on the right, you can see blue water sparkling through cypress gardens, colorful water sport boats floating in it and a jetty located far down. On the parking’s left, there’s a ferryboat. From Gateway of India in Mumbai, we reach Mandwa harbor in 30 to 45 minutes via the catamaran boat service.

The companies P.N.P, Maadaar and Ajantha provide the catamaran service. These companies also provide a bus service from Mandwa to Alibaug. Their offices are located in front of Alibaug ST stand and we can book tickets for coming and going from here. After departing from Mandwa’s L Aka’s jetty, we see Karanja island on the right and towering buildings of Mumbai city. Apart from this, we also see Revas port, Dronagiri fort, Khanderi etc. on other sides. There are some sightly places like Shrivardhan fort, Takadevi etc. in Mandwa.

20 km from Alibaug at the north side, Mandwa beach is always filled with numerous visitors. The specialness of Mandwa village situated close by is the thick coconut groves which attract tourists in big numbers. Another well-known place for touring near this beach is Chaul.

The variety of ruinations from Portuguese civilizations found here, a place of worship, a Tabernacle, some caves that belonged to the Buddhists and a church are some of the widely celebrated tourist attractions of this place. Mandwa beach is situated close to Mumbai’s Gateway of India.

You can avail standard ferry transport to go to Mandwa jetty and beach from Gateway of India.