Kihim Beach

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About Kihim Beach

Kihim, one of the eight affluent towns of Konkan is not only clean but also equipped with nature’s beauty. It surrounds the seacoast’s long periphery and conceals itself in dense tree plantations. It is very famous among tourists. Since it is a very well-known tourist spot in the Alibaug district, there are a lot of holiday homes and hotels here.

The birds in Kihim are worth watching. A lot of rare types of birds take refuge in this place. That’s why, notable bird watcher Salim Ali used to stay here. Bhilleshwar is an old temple in this town and there are 15 other temples. Inside the sea, at a distance of about 6-7 meters, there is a Shivalinga (a holy emblem of Lord Shiva) made out of stone. However, it appears only in the month of Shravana when sand erosion takes place. It is said that there is also an idol of Nandi (a sacred bull, loyal servant of Lord Shiva) ahead which is visible only when the water goes deep enough.

In the distant past, Bene Israelis came here via sea. Their ship first reached the coast of Kihim Beach. Those who survived settled down in this town. Even today, on Kihim’s coast, we see tombs of people who were not able to make it then.

It’s Just 12 km away from Alibaug Beach & located at a distance of 120 km from India’s financial hub, Mumbai, which welcomes tourists from all parts of India and the world. This beach is at the northern side of the city and natural flowers, coconut plantations and picturesque butterflies environ it. Replete with naturalness, this part of Alibaug is yet to be fully explored.

Tourists come across various native and transmigrating species of birds on this beach and this is what draws them in here in a large quantity. Close to Kihim beach, the Kolaba Fort is visible even from distant spots. Modern tents equipped with all necessary facilities have been constructed for the convenience of tourists.