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About Khandale


Kokan is a region in India located in the western part of the country. It’s bounded by the Arabian Sea in the west and the Sahyadri mountain range in the east and is known for its natural beauty, different culture, and rich history. The region is famed for its strands, falls, castles, and tabernacles. In history, it was known as the “ land of the Marathas ” and was a major trading center between the Arabian Sea and the Sahyadri mountain range. 


 Khandale is a small vill located in the Kokan region. It’s positioned on the banks of the Khandale River and is honored for its natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere. The vill is girdled by lush green fields and mountains. The area is known for its original yield similar as rice, beats, coconuts, and mangoes. Khandale is also home to a variety of catcalls and creatures, making it a great spot for raspberry-watching. 


 The vill is also famed for its religious significance. The Temple is an important passage point for Hindus and Jains. The tabernacle is believed to have been erected by an original Jain clerk in the 15th century. The tabernacle is devoted to Lord Shiva and is famed for its beautiful armature and intricate busts. 


This is also home to several castles, including the Khandale Fort, which was erected in the 17th century by the Marathas. The stronghold is a popular sightseer magnet, and callers can explore its numerous chambers and watchtowers. The stronghold is also home to a number of tabernacles, including the notorious Hanuman tabernacle, which is believed to have been erected by the Marathas. 


This is also home to some stunning strands, including Khandale Beach, which is known for its white beach and demitasse clear waters. The sand is a popular spot for swimming and sunbathing. There are also several caffs and cafes located near the sand, offering a variety of succulent original dishes. 


This is a great place to explore and witness the culture and beauty of India. The vill offers a peaceful atmosphere and plenitude of conditioning for callers to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a comforting flight, an adventure, or a spiritual trip, Khandale is the perfect destination.