Awas Beach

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About Awas Beach

Awas was named so because in the past, Gods resided in this beautiful place. There’s a reason for it. The number of temples in Awas Beach is more than that you will probably find anywhere. The temples here include those of Siddheshwar, Khambaleshwar, Maruti, Jogeshwari, Vakratunda Ganpati, Ram, Panbadevi, Shanteshwari, Nagoba and much more. The coast in Awas is also scenic and delightful.

We see a lot of beautiful sights on this coast like the silver-sanded beach extending up to a long distance, dense shadows of cypress tress on the coastline, resplendent decorations formed by small light rays in these shadows and the sea rushing towards the coast with its white-colored waves proudly carrying the sky’s reflection. There are a lot of cottages and hotels here so that visitors can stay comfortably.

Awas Beach