Regardless of the progress made by humans in science, some of the wonders of nature are beyond the comprehension of human intellect. Rajapur is a taluka of Ratnagiri district in the Maharashtra state of India. The Ganga of Rajapur here is famous from historical times. The ancient fourteen-storied gateway to the ground on a high hill suddenly fills with water every three years. This flowing water is called the Ganga of Rajapur (Rajapurchi Ganga). It usually lasts for three months after the Ganga originates. Rajapur was a historical market place in Konkan during historical times. The Rajapur port, which is located on the bay where the Arjuna River meets the sea, was more secure than any other port in Konkan. There was a warehouse of British in Rajapur, the remnants of this warehouse can still be seen as a ruined building on the banks of the river. The ancient god temple Dhootapapeshwar is also located in Rajapur.