Parshuram Bhoomi is 11 km away from Dapoli and located in Burondi village. Mr. Dyaneshwar Shivaji Gajul from Solapur established this statue on 16-6-2010. On a hilltop, it stands 21 feet tall over a globe painted like the earth with a diameter of 40 feet. There is a meditation hall inside the sphere where you can sit peacefully. You can watch the ‘Tamas Teertha’ (red sea) from the hilltop. It is so because the seawater looks red from above in the light.
It is a belief that Lord Parshuram is Lord Vishnu’s sixth incarnation. He was born to Renuka Devi and sage Jamadagni. The legend has it that he threw his war axe into the sea due to which the Western Coastal land arose. That is why people in Konkan worship Lord Parshuram devotedly. His devotees believe that one who worships Parshuram earns tremendous bravery and power. There is also a temple dedicated to him in South Goa.

Location: Dapoli.

Accommodation: There are plenty of hotels available.

Transport: You can reach Dapoli by Public as well as private transport.