Velas village in Ratnagiri is also known as Nana Phadnis’s village. There’s a statue dedicated to him. Balaji Janardhan Bhanu, dearly known as Nana Phadnis, received the title ‘Maratha Machiavelli’ from the British. Nana had saved the Peshwa from the Mughals. Thus, he earned the title of Phadnavis. He had a brilliant spy network that took the news to him within hours. The Peshwa treated him evenly with his sons Vishwasrao, Madhavrao, and Narayanrao and provided him the best education too. Nana has also protected the Maratha Empire from the financial loss and brought back economic stability. Nana never was hungry for power. All he wanted was the well-being of the Maratha empire. What an admirable virtue! Visiting his statue is a must!

Location: Velas, Ratnagiri

Accommodation: There are plenty of hotels available in Velas.

Transport: You can reach Velas through private vehicles.