Trimukhi Temple is situated at Ori, Ratnagiri. The Ratnagiri bus station is at a distance of a 2 KMs from the Trimukhi Temple. The shrine is dedicated to goddess Mahalaxmi, Lord Kedarnath, Trimukhidevi, and Panchmukhidevi. It is believed that the devotees who visit this temple are blessed by the goddess and removes all their sufferings and difficulties. A large number of devotees gather at the temple on the festival of Holi. There has been a longstanding demand from all the devotees and tourists to renovate this holy temple into a beautiful piece of architecture appealing to all eyes and souls, which radiates the blessings of the deities. As per available records, the previous "Jeernodharan" took place about 125 years back. Since then there has been only partial work done to the temple but now the renovation has become urgency for the existence of the temple itself. Earlier the small time renovations were managed through contributions in kind from the local villagers like timber etc. Hence it has been now decided to renovate the entire temple using RCC method considering the long life of the temple. Goddess Trimukhi is the main deity of faith for all the devotees and resident local people of the villages. The belief is that the Goddess Trimukhi listens to all the grievances of her devotees and solves their difficulties. The ardent devotees strongly believe that the Devi (Goddess) is very much alive and takes care of her devotees who does the "Navas" ( committed offerings) for her and removes all their sufferings and difficulties. The annual rituals and festivals of the temple are celebrated religiously with the wholehearted support of all the villagers. For the “Simgha” (Holi) festival, all the villagers who reside elsewhere in the State also make it a point to come back to their native village to attend and participate in the festivals which is a matter of great delight.

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