Thal Beach is located on the seashore around 6 km north of Alibaug. It has a quiet and clean beach from the Ancient Khanderi, Underi sea forts can be seen. This place has a large number of Koli fishermen than in any of the Alibaug coastal village and serves as a huge fishing center. A small ruined fort of Khubladha or the Great Fight that can be seen on the shore to the north-west of the beach attracts a number of tourists. The fort is situated to the east of the island of Undheri, which was built by Shivaji Maharaj on a natural elevation of the Thal coast in 1659. It was built to protect the place from the invasions of the British and the Siddis. Thal is proud that huge R.C.F plant is located there which has provided employment to many local residents. Another attraction to the beach is Datta Mandir.

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