Siddheshwar Mandir is famous Shiva temple near picturesque hills near village Khandale just 4 km from Alibag-Pen state highway to the East. You can drive your vehicles near to hillocks and with small trek, you can reach this beautiful temple. The beauty is awesome during Shrawan month when hundreds of people throng to worship here during Shrawani Somwars. If you travel further you can see the remains of the ancient fort called " Sagargad" During rainy season one finds the cascading waterfall at this spot. To the left just before the Ashram, the trek-route to Sagargad begins. In an hour's time, you can reach the fort. The main gate is in the completely desolate state while the two bastions are partially dilapidated. Inside, a temple and a small tank are in a disused state. Another tank is known as Pandav Kund. On the fort proper, one finds nine tombs of Satis. The place is called Sati Plateau. Besides this plateau, a thumb-like erect land mass is known as Wanartok. The fort is totally uninhabited.

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