Shrivardhan/Shriwardhan is a taluka, city and municipal council in the Raigad district of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Its a town of Peshwas and developed into a seaside resort. It is located on a peninsula, which itself boasts many beaches. People from across Maharashtra come to Shrivardhan and the nearby beaches all year round. It is an ancient place of historical importance and is mentioned as being visited by Arjuna Pandav in his pilgrimage. In 1713, it was one of the sixteen fortified places in the Konkan ceded by Balaji Visvanath Peshwa to Kanhoji Angre of Kolaba. Balaji was the first Peshwa of Maratha Empire appointed by Chhatrapati Shahu, grandson of Chhatrapati Shivaji.

Places to visit near Shriwardhan Beach:

Shriwardhan Beach:

The Beach coast is about 3 kilometers long, very clean and very calm. This is the main attraction of Shrivardhan. Walk around the beach and feel exhilarated. An occasional wave will wash your feet. The sunsets are particularly fascinating. The dipping sun, the golden waves, and the occasional boat crossing the waves is a sight to behold. Cameras are now out to capture this scene and later re-live the memory of this walk. A vacation in this place and for that matter, a weekend in Shrivardhan can be made special because there are three of the best beaches near Pune in a stretch here - Shrivardhan-Harihareshwar-Diveagar. One after the other about 15 Kms from each other these beaches together make the Raigad beaches. The Kondivali beach in Shrivardhan is also a fishing port - Kalcha Jivana, and watching the life at this fishing hamlet is a great experience in itself.

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