One of the attractions in Shrivardhan is Shri Laxminarayan Temple. It is situated near to Harihereshwar and Divegar. Shri Laxminarayan Temple is the main temple of Peshwas, the kings of Maharashtra, who ruled from Pune, after Shivaji. The idol in the temple is quite old and said to be of Hoyasal style. Temple is nearly 700-years-old. The temple can be reached by a small path from the Peshwe temple of from the Narayan Pakhadi road. The sculpture of Lord Visnu is out of this world. It is carved out of the black rock, is about two feet high, and is in the South Indian style. It must be of the Shilahar period. At the base, on the right is the garud and on left is Lakshmi. On the other sides, there are sculptures by Jay and Vijay. From the sequence of the weapons held by Lord Vishnu ( Padma, chakra, gada, and shankh)the image is that of Shridhar. It is possible that it is called Lakshminarayan because of the small sculpture of Lakhsmi. The very fancy carvings of the ornaments and the weapons are wondrous. Sometime during the ages, the image was broken but its beauty is still beyond compare.

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