Revdanda fort is located at the entrance of Kundalika River where it meets the Arabian Sea. Revdanda fort is well-known as Revatikshetra from the time of Mahabharata. In the 15th century, Portuguese distinguished the vital criticalness of the Revdanda town and sustained the whole town. A Portuguese commander Soj began the development of the fort in 1528. B Prior to that, in 1516, the Portuguese had invented a production line here which was known as "Chowkoni Buruj" (चौकोनी) or the square molded bastion. The walls of this production line were finished somewhere around 1521 and 1524. On the night of July 22nd, 1683, the Marathas tried an attack on Revdanda. The Marathas protected the fort, yet needed to withdraw when the Portuguese attacked the fort. According to the settlement between them on 25th Nov 1740, the Portuguese gave over Revdanda and Korlai fort to Marathas and expected the response of the towns on Sashti Island. In 1806, the British expected control over the charge of Revdanda. Angres defeated the fort in 1817 yet the British recovered the fort in 1818. The periphery of the fort is around 5 km. As forts divider encompasses the whole town, a large portion of the zone is private and consequently unavailable. The advanced doorway is made by pulverizing a piece of the forts divider, and we can see a Portuguese image on the fundamental entryway. Inside the fort, we can see 3 gun balls before a primary door. There are stairs to the upper piece of the doorway and there is a cannonball stuck up in the divider. There are run-down houses on the fortification and a tower, and we can see a few reminders on the shores. There is an old passage beneath the principle walls which is presently dead.

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