Ratnagiri is a district with many popular holiday destinations, at the same time Ratnagiri city itself is a beach destination. Famous for its Konkani culture and cuisine, not to forget the much coveted Alphonso mangoes, Ratnagiri is also the birthplace of the great freedom fighter Lokmanya Tilak. A prominent port town of Maharashtra, it is a big draw for tourists who come here to enjoy the sand and surf while striking base here because of its many hotels to explore the other interesting tourist destinations of the Konkan region. Located about 335km from Mumbai, It's very easy to navigate. one of the first places that most tourists like to visit is the Ratnadurga Fort which is spread over 120 acres and surrounded by the Arabian Sea from three sides. A fascinating tunnel connects the north and south divisions of the fort. There is a lighthouse here, built in 1867 on ‘Siddha Buruj’, one of the fort’s bastions. Most importantly, Ratnagiri has its own special place in Indian history for being the birthplace of one of the greatest freedom fighters who dared to oppose British rule. The freedom movement was well-established in Ratnagiri by leaders like Lokmanya Tilak and Veer Savarkar. The well-maintained residence of Tilak is now a protected monument and has a museum that displays many personal items, including Tilak’s cap and clothes. Another place of interest is the palace of King Thiba of Brahmadesh. The last king of that particular dynasty, he was a follower of Buddhist philosophy. On April 17, 1886, he was arrested by the Britishers and brought to Ratnagiri where he constructed the Bramhi style palace. He died on December 15, 1919. The region is blessed with hills, beaches, rivers, hot water springs, forests, and waterfalls, thereby ensuring that a tourist will never have a dull moment. Above all, it offers the unique Konkani style of cuisine, especially fish curry and rice with Sol Kadi, a pink-colored digestive drink that promises to neutralize the effects of the spicy treat. You can shop here for local artifacts made of seashells. The Konkan region is also blessed with some of the finest horticulture products such as ‘ambapoli’ (thin pancakes of dried and crushed mangoes), ‘phanaspoli’ (thin pancakes of dried and crushed jackfruit), cashew nuts, coconuts, etc.

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