Padmadurg Fort is a seaside fort an easy trek situated in Rajapuri village of Raigad district of Maharashtra. The fort of Padmadurg Fort is called as Kasa Fort. It is one of the five historical sea forts built by Shivaji Maharaj in 1672-1673C.E. It was built by Marathas to challenge another seaport Janjira which was controlled by Siddis. Padmadurg is one of the sea forts built by Maratha King Shivaji. It was built in 1676 in order to control the activities in the Arabian sea. The fort is built by the sea rocks debris’s, granite stone and limes stones as the bonding paste. It covers approximately 43650 square yards land mass of this island. The fort is built in very uneven shape but covered by nature. Walls of the fort are much stronger and has many turret and artillery gaps left over these walls. There are many watch holes in the wall. Six bastions are present in the fort which are cylinder in shape. Near about, 100 cannons were present in the ancient time for defense towards the sea but now approx. 40 cannons are there. It is located in the northwest direction of the Janjira fort at a distance of about 10 km. During cleanup activities in 2012, ASI authorities found around 250 cannonballs of historical value The important piece of the fort is still in great condition. Fortis 338 years old and still, it is in very good condition. The sea fort of Padmadurg is not as huge as Janjira but still, the fort can be visited and enjoyed by many tourists. We need to take Visiting permission from the Customs/Navy. The fort was not only a part of Sindhudurg's defenses but was also Shivaji Maharaj's main ship construction yard. This fort can also be viewed from Janjira. There was a belt of land from Dandi seashore to Padmadurga but it got blown away by the water in 2004. This fort can be accessed by boats. Boats are mainly available from Murud-Koliwada. There are no immediate watercraft charges to the fort as an after effect of which the guests need to contract an individual vessel. The walls of the fort are not able to stop the ocean water some parts of the fort is gone in the sea water.

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