Karde Beach is located in a small village Karde near the town of Dapoli in Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra state. Karde is amongst the most popular beaches in Dapoli. Before you reach Karde Beach, you are being treated with beautiful scenic beauty on way. Nature lovers and especially animal lovers love Karde Beach because it offers them a view of beautiful dolphins. This is something that attracts the tourists and brings them close to Karde Beach. A vast expanse of flat soft sandy beach awaits you at Karde. It is also a typical Dapoli beach with a thin film of white sand covering the underlying black sand giving it a very romantic appeal. Karde is the ideal destination to head for if you are looking for a quiet romantic weekend. The Karde beach is a very broad and long beach and extends far up to Burundi and Murud Harnai on either side. Long walks in Karde can be really long if you are staying at the beach. You could also try riding your two-wheeler along the beach to the adjoining beaches during low tides if you have traveled by a two-wheeler. Towards the southern side of Karde is Ladghar and towards the north is Murud Harnai. If you are tired of your daily routine and you need a short nap then you should visit this beach because of Sheoak plantations or the Suruche Ban borders. Often rivers are dangerous but Karde beach is a river whose white waves will touch your feet and will give you pleasure and fun but will not put your life in danger. Many people play different types of beach games here, which include games like Frisbee, beach volleyball, or collecting seashells. If you love rain then visit this Beach, from the month of June to September, though recommend you to visit Karde Beach between October to March, when I provide you with a very comfortable atmosphere.

Places to Visit in Karde Beach:

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