The Aquarium and Museum are located at Pethkilla. The marine museum is near, 8 Km away from Ratnagiri Railway Station and 2 Km away from Ratnagiri Bus station. The Marine Museum was established in 1985 by the Marine Biological Research Station of Ratnagiri. The Marine museum has some rare and beautiful specimens like Sea horse fish, Lionfish, and Triggerfish, Sea turtles, Eels, Sea cucumbers, Starfish, Lobsters, sea snakes and many more. This museum also possesses well mounted precious and age-old skeleton of Whale. The original length of the whale is 55 feet long and 5000 Kg in weight is strongly appreciated by everyone who visits this station. Because of growing demand of the general public about the aquarium, a beautifully arranged and well decorated separate freshwater aquarium section has been recently developed. In this section, along with beautiful and fancy color fishes, one can also observe locally available freshwater aquatic species like prawns, crabs, turtles, barbs and aquatic plants. Entry Fee: Rs.5 for Adults & Rs.3 for Child.

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