Mahipatgad fort is a hill fort situated on the east of the Khed. Mahipatgad fort is one of the largest forts in Maharashtra, with an area of 120 acres. This fort is located 19 km from the Khed city. The Mahipatgad Suamargad and Rasalgad are situated on the same spur 8 km long, which runs parallel to the Western Ghats. The Mahipatgad is on the northernmost end of the spur. The altitude of Mahipatgad is 3090 feet. Mahipatgad – Suamargad – Rasalgad is one of the well-known range treks in the Sahyadris. Fort was built by Adilshah of Bijapur in the 15th century. This fort was captured by King Shivaji in 1661. Later on, it passed to Peshwas and finally to the British in 1818. There are 10 houses in the Beldarvadi village, which is at the foothill of the fort. The villagers are said to be brought by Shivaji as bricklayers for construction of the fort. Steep cut walls of the mountain on which the fort has been built provide a good safety feature to this fort and due to this feature, no fort walls have been built on its edges except where the ascend is likely and the safety could be jeopardized. At present these walls are in complete ruins. There are 6 main entrances on this fort. Laldevdi entrance to the northeast, Pusati entrance to the east, Khed entrance to the south, Shivganga entrance to the west, Kotwal entrance to the north and Yashwant entrance to the southeast. The saddest part is all these doorways now stand in a dilapidated condition with only traces of it left. There is a Shivlinga near the Shivganga entrance, stairways near Pusati entrance and Lord Hanuman temple near the Kotwal entrance. There is a Lord Pareshwar temple on the fort which can be used for a stay. There is a well opposite the temple with potable water in it. The land of this fort is covered with forest and has many ruins of structures hidden in it which have to be studied thoroughly. Heaps of unused mortar could be seen on the fort which indicates that the development of this fort might have been left halfway. Places to visit near Mahipatgad fort: Trekkers can visit Sumargad, Makarandgad and Hatlot ghat.

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