Ladghar is one of the most popular beaches in Dapoli and there are two routes that one can take from Dapoli to reach Ladghar, however, the route that passes in front of Konkan Krishi Vidya Peeth is easier. About 250mts further ahead from Dapoli town towards Harnai take a left from the police chowki. Ladghar is approximately 10 Kms from the police chowki. Ladghar Beach, but the people have given a holy name and that name is Tamas Teertha. Well, there is a reason behind calling this name, It is called by the name of Tams Teertha because at times during the evening when the sun is setting, the Arabian Sea, which touches me every time turn into red, and if not in red then in orange. And, this is one of the main reasons which are why tourists and travelers visit a Ladghar beach. Ladghar is the most popular beach in Dapoli after Murud Harnai. With Granier sand instead of the cement-like fine sand Ladghar is markedly different from other beaches in Dapoli. Ladghar beach is a small stretch of beach separated from Karde beach by a rocky stretch. The northern end of Ladghar is the rocky stretch with finer sand and the southern side has coarser sand and the beach extends on to Burundi. There is a 'Dutta mandir' atop the hillock on the northern end of Ladghar beach. Parasailing and water sports like water scooters are available in Ladghar and is very popular with holidayers in Ladghar. The people who come to Ladghar Beach to spend their holiday enjoy their time to the fullest with the help of the water scooters, and through Para-sailing. There are many other water sports too, that I allow you to enjoy and make much use of the time. Dolphin watch rides are one of the most popular activities amongst tourists here. It can cost between 150 - 250 RS or 1000 - 1500 Rs for an exclusive ride. Spotting a dolphin is a matter of chance and chances in the morning! Burundi the village next to Ladghar is the second biggest fishing village after Harnai. Here you would be able to see hundreds of small fishing boats going about its business. In the evening the twinkling lights in the dinghies present a pretty picture for the onlooker, especially from the Ladghar beach. Most of the boats that take tourists for dolphin watching rides are from this small village of Burundi.

Places to visit near Ladghar Beach:

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