Kulaba Fort

Kolaba Fort is sometimes called as Kulaba Fort or Alibag Fort. It is an old military fortification in India. It is situated in the sea at a distance of 1–2 km from the shores of Alibaug, 35 km south of Mumbai, in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, India. It is a popular tourist destination and a protected monument. This sea fort was constructed by Maratha warrior, Shivaji Maharaj, which has 25 ft high, 350 ft wide and 900 ft long walls. The fort dates back to around 300 years and was built in 1680. It gained prominence due to the various battles between the Marathas and the Siddis, the British and the Portuguese. Kolaba fort is one the fort which was captured by Shivaji Maharaj. The rule of the fort was given to Darya Sagar and Manik Bhandari under whom Kolaba fort turned into the middle of Maratha and attacked British ships. In 1713 under the decision with Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath, Kolaba along with a few different forts was offered over to Kanhoji Angre.  He used it as his primary base from which to attack British ships. In 1722, the Bombay Government angered at Angre's exercises, joined the Portuguese in a campaign against Kolaba. About this time, Kolaba is described by Hamilton as a fort based on a sea. Fort has two fundamental entrances, one on the ocean side and alternate towards Alibaug. An exciting thing of this fort is that it has freshwater wells in its premises in spite of the fact that it is a beachside fort. The entrance arch of the fort has numerous carvings of elephants, peacocks, and tigers. Near the entrance gate, many shrines of god and goddesses are present including Padmavathi, Sri Ganesh, Mahishasura, the fort-deity, and Kanifnath. In 1759, Shri Ganesh Temple was built by Raghoji Angre in front of the sweet water tank. The Siddhivinayak temple inside the fort was built by Raghoji Angre in 1759.

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