A small village kuda is famous for the Buddhist caves or the Kuda Caves- Mandad is splendid rock-cut caves located about 28 kilometers to the South East of Murud at the head of the Rajapuri Creek. It is placed at the famous Janjeera hills near Kolad at a height of 150 to 200 feet above the sea level. In total there are 26 caves, the oldest dating back to 1st century BC. These rock cut caves are the classic example of Buddhist cave art and amazing for their architectural excellence. These caves have two levels and the individual blocks are smaller and are on the upper levels. The inscriptions on the caves are the preaching of Buddha and his disciples. The interiors of the caves are carved with stupas and a rock carved image of an elephant as the janitor is inscribed on the front gate of the caves. Kuda Caves is constructed and sculpted in the typical Buddhist Style of architecture similar to that found in Ajantha-Ellora, Kanheri and Karla caves, the caves of Kude are quite simple in their structural order. There are 22 residential caves that bear a verandah, a door, a cutout shelf used as a bed and a tank to collect the rainwater. These caves were sponsored by the rich merchants of the Satvahan Domain and each of the caves bears a Sanskrit inscription that states the name of the sponsor. Some of the caves hold Buddhist Stupas in their innermost sanctums while some others are decorated with ornate carvings and engravings. The most extraordinary and most imposing carvings are found in the cave number 6 which has a striking figure of an eleven footed elephant lacking the trunk and the tusks. At the front of the cave is an eighteen inches high sculptured figure of Lord Buddha who is seated on a throne with his feet on a lotus over a wheel upheld by Nagas. At one place there are Sanskrit inscriptions which are quite clearly visible. They read, “This cave is the praiseworthy gift of Sivabhuti, the son of Sulasadata and Utaradata and the writer of Mahabhoja Mandava Khandapalita, son of Mahabhoja Sadagiri Vijaya together with his wife Nanda”. Some of the inscriptions of the cave also depict the teachings of the Lord Buddha.

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