Kondivali Beach is located ~5 km from Shrivardhan and is known for water sports activities. Choices include surfing, paragliding on the surf, and motorboat rides. The popular activities that you can indulge at Kondivali Beach are paragliding and surfing.

The beautiful sand is untouched by the heavy flow of tourists. Still, the beach provides much of the opportunity to the tourists for enjoying water sports and paragliding. Trekking along the cliffs of Shrivardhan is also preferred by most of the tourists and adventure enthusiasts. The long soft white sand beach has been remarkably spruced up to realize the dreams of every Water Sports adventure buff. To access to this beautiful beach features gleaming white sand is by trekking through the cliffs of Shrivardhan.

Places to visit near Kondivli Beach:

It is the great place in the lap of nature to enjoy seclusion as well as adventurous activities. The combined feature of the beach provides enough scope for entertainment and relaxation. The long stretch of sand has enough beauty to relax the tourists.

Why only water sports, trekking can be enjoyed along the cliffs of Shrivardhan. It is a good place for trekkers. Apart from the natural beauty and adventurous activities, one can find Divya Ghar, Peshwa Smarak and Somdevi Temple which are worthy of visiting. The place bears some historical importance as the first Peshwa of Maratha rule was born here. He was Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath and his rule makes this place witness the rising and falling of the Marathas. Many tourists come here to spend the weekend and it is also regarded as a great place for picnicking.

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