Kihim Beach a picturesque stretch of sandy beach intermittent by rocks and boulders on the Konkan coast in India. At Kihim beach offer you some of the most enchanted visual of the setting sun on the Arabian Sea and naturally one of the most popular among all the beaches around the Alibaug beach. It has the calm and clean beach. You will surely enjoy the environment as it is very attractive with clean water and fresh air blowing. Sightseeing at Kihim Beach is very good for the people of all age group and it is perfect for weekenders and day-trippers as well. You can go with your family, relatives, and friends or beloved to have some unforgettable memories. When you spend time close to nature your mood get perk up. The beach is covered with wonderful white sand with distinct types of shells appears very pleasant to your eyes. Its at a distance of 12km from Alibaug bus depot and also the closest beach from Mandwa. It is more convenient for tourists to reach Kihim Beach from Alibaug because of availability the ferry service to Mandwa from the Gateway of India, Mumbai and most convenient and economical way to reach Kihim Beach. Kihim Beach is the 100km distance from Mumbai. Residential accommodation is available in Maharashtra Govt owned M.T.D.C. resort located on the beach. Affordable stay near kihim beach.

Places to visit:

Kankeshwar Temple:

The Kankeshwar Temple is one of the most important attractions of kihim beach. Hundreds and thousands of devotees visit me during the month of Shravana when a Shivlinga mysteriously appears on the beach. The Shivlinga is known as Swyambhu and also vanishes by itself only reappear again the next year. But that is not a very good time for tourists and you will find kihim beach most adorable during the winter months or early summer.

Bird Watchers:

Major attraction in Kihim is its sandy beach. Though Kihim was once known as a "Bird Watchers' Paradise", very few exotic species can be still found in the areas having a dense cover of trees. Varieties of butterflies are also found here.

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