The Khokari Ghumat (or Khokri) tombs are three 500-year- old massive stone tombs of early Janjira rulers in western India, near Murud in Maharashtra state. It's the largest tomb of Sidi Surul Khan, who was chief of Janjira from 1707 to 1734. Located about 6 km's from Murud-Janjira (and 1.5kms. from Rajpuri) lies the Khokri Tombs. Khokari Ghumat is just a km ahead from Rajpuri jetty where people board boats going to Janjira fort. We need to go to the place by their own vehicle or else you can get local transport. You could struggle for the return journey since that place is secluded with no settlements nearby. Expect this to change after the construction of the Dighi-Agardanda port. There are 3 major tombs  - One large and two smaller ones. One of the two smaller tombs is that of Sidi Kasim, known by the Yakut khan. Yakut Khan was in command of Janjira(1670-1677), Mugal fleet (1677-1696), and again of Janjira (1696-1707). The other small tomb is of his brother Khairiyat Khan. Khairiyat Khan who was in command of Danda–Rajpuri (1670-1677) and of Janjira (1677-1696). The tomb of Surul Khan is said to have been built during his lifetime. Yakut Khan's tomb has an Arabic inscription stating that he died on Thursday 30th Jama-Dilaval AH 1118 (AD 1707). Khairiyat Khan's tomb also has an inscription. The figures for the date of his death are AH 1018, but the Arabic words give the date H. 1108 (AD 1696). The latter date is believed to be the correct one. The tombs were kept in repair by the Nawab, who had assigned to the village of Savli-Mitha- gar a yearly revenue of Rs. 2,000 for the maintenance of Surul Khan's tomb, and by the village of Dodakal for the maintenance of Yakut Khan's and Khairiyat Khan's tombs. In the past, Kuran was read at these tombs on Thursday nights, on yearly death-days or when urus was celebrated. The monument, which is done in the Indo-Saracenic style, is being restored by the Mumbai Circle of the Archaeological Survey of India.

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