The Kankeshwar Temple is one of the most important attractions of Kihim beach. Hundreds and thousands of devotees visit me during the month of Shravana when a Shivlinga mysteriously appears on the beach. The Shivlinga is known as Swyambhu and also vanishes by itself only reappear again the next year. But that is not a very good time for tourists and you will find the Kihim beach most adorable during the winter months or early summer. In the mid of the hill, one can see "Nagobacha Tappa" (a place of Snakes) and the famous step called "Devachi Payari" named because it is said, God, himself stepped here after the construction of the temple and the steps. The temple of Kankeshwar is very beautiful; it is a Hoysala style structure built in 1764. A water tank, called a "Pushkarni", has water almost throughout the year. Shri Kankeshwar is also family God/ KuulDaiwat of Date/Datye family.

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