Kadyavarcha Ganapati Temple is a Ganesh temple situated on a hill near Anjarle village. The surrounding area is very beautiful and covered by forest. The way to reach Kadyavarcha Ganapati Temple is very beautiful. You can reach here by traveling from Dapoli to Harnai and Harnai to Anjarle. The way from Harnai beach to Kadyavarcha Ganesh Temple is very beautiful and exciting. From a hilltop on the way, the sea view is very beautiful. This ancient and magnificent Ganesh temple was originally constructed using wooden pillars in around 1150. Later it was renovated during 1768 to 1780. Earlier people used to cross Anjarle creek (Jog River) in a boat and then climb the hill using steps that go through the Anjarle village. Recently a bridge has been constructed and you can take your car right up to the entrance of the temple. The entrance of the Kadyavarcha Ganpati is very beautiful. When you enter the temple you will see the huge specious gabhara. Two small elephant idols are situated on both sides of the staircase. The history of this Ganesh Temple is mentioned at the Gabhara. The Ganesh idol is right-sided (its trunk curved towards the right, ("Ujwya Sondecha Ganpati") which is very rare. Kadyawarcha Ganpati is also considered as the live deity (a jagrut daiwat) who responds to distress calls of common people (nawsala pavnara Ganpati). The temple has a stone staircase on the right-hand side to reach the top of the temple (Kalas). You can get a magnificent view of the thick plantation of coconut trees, betel nut trees, Suvarndurg Fort, blue sea and surrounding hills from the top. There is a pond in front of the temple where you can feed big fish and turtles. Beside the Ganesh temple, there is a small but beautiful temple of Lord Shiva. There are many shops located in the surrounding area of Kadyavaril Ganapati Temple. These shops are selling homemade products which include Kokam Juice and other homemade juices, homemade spices, chikkis, chaklis and other famous Konkani product.

Places to visit near Kadyavaril Ganpati:

Anjarle beach, suvarnadurg fort.

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