Jaigad Fort is at a distance of 19km from Ganpatipule and 42km from Ratnagiri. Jaigad fort is coastal fortification that is located near Jaigad village in Maharashtra. It is one of the popular forts in Konkan region and also one of the best tourist places in Ganpatipule. It is a protected monument under the archeological survey of India. Jaigad fort - The meeting point of the river Shashtri and the Arabian Sea is called as the creek of Jaigad. For the protection of this creek two forts were constructed, one is ViJaigad at the north direction and the other is Jaigad at the south. There are several forts named Jaigad and from that two Jaigad forts are situated in the same Ratnagiri district but one is a coastal one another is located in a dense Jungle. The fort on the coast is recognized as Only "Jaigad" and the second one which is located in dense forest is known as "Jangli Jaigad" after its location. It is believed that the construction of Jaigad was initiated in the 14th century and completed by Sultan of Bijapur and was named after Jayba Mahar's sacrificing his life for building the fort. It was conquered by Kanhoji Angre, the commander-in-chief during Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja's regime. Shivaji also controlled the fort for some time before handing it over to the Peshwas who finally lost the fort to the British in the year 1818. You can reach up to the main entrance of the fort by a tar road. There is a deep pit (Khandak) around the fort on the east and north direction. On the right side of the bastion near to the main door, there is a door to enter into the deep pit. After entering through this door, steps are there to reach to the fortifications of the fort. The fortifications are still in strong and sound condition. On the top of these bastions, government rest house is being constructed. In the premises of the Jaigad Fort, there is a Lord Ganeshji’s Temple, Lighthouse and an old splintered mansion of caretakers of the fort. There are few rooms in the eastern fortifications. Two wells of approximately 70 feet deep are there in the premises. The third well of around 100 feet deep is present on the right-hand side of the main entrance. All these wells are having a huge stock of potable water (In spite of the close by the Arabian Sea). On the left-hand side of the main entrance, a small temple of Hanumanji is being constructed. Auspicious place Goddess is present in a cave near to the fortification. Though Jangli Jaigad as a fort doesn't have much attraction, its location itself is extremely beautiful.

Places to visit near Jaigad fort:

Ratnadurg fort, Ganpatipule beach, and temple, Thibaw Palace, Ratnadurg Fort.

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