Hedvi Ganpati Temple is a marvelous temple. Located approximately 27km along the Guhagar-Narvan road, is the small village of Hedvi. Guhagar is a wonderful temple town with a host of temples dedicated to various Gods and Goddesses of Hindu religious beliefs. Name of this Ganesh is 'Dashbhuja Ganapati'. Hedvi is famous for housing the Laxmi-Ganesh Temple and Uma-Maheshwara Temple. This 'Laxmi – Ganesh Temple' is not only ancient but also rare. This temple may have been established in the period of Peshwa. The deity has been founded on the top of Mountain. The Ganesh idol has been carved in white stone. Such stones are found in Kashmir region. The specialty of the idol is that this is 3 feet high and it has 10 hands. This majestic idol is on a seat of 2 feet. Idol is very pleasant to see. There is a big ceremony of birth of Ganesh from Shukla Chaturthi to Shashthi in Magh. Apart from the two temples, Hedvi is visited for Brahman Ghal as well, a gorge 35ft-long, 20ft-deep, and 2ft-wide that produces milky bubbles during tidal periods, a wonder not worth missing.

Places to visit near Hedvi Temple:

Uma –Maheshwara temple Guhagar

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