Hanuman Temple

Hanuman Temple is located within the premises of Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple. Temple is 13km away from Alibag... God Hanuman, an ardent devotee of Lord Rama is worshipped here. This god is said to have an important role in finding Sita in the gardens of Ravana. He went across seven seas to locate Sita Mata and bring the news of her plight to Rama. This temple is situated on top of a hill at a height of 900 ft cannot be expressed in words and devotees climb around 5,000 stairs, which you have to climb to reach the Hanuman temple. One should visit the place to believe in its serene and intricate beauty. The temple is a splendor with beautiful carvings and paintings on its walls and front doors. This temple located in Kihim Village For the individuals who plan to spend their vacation far from the clamoring life of Alibag, Shri Hanuman Temple is an enjoyment to visit. Despite the fact that it is little, one can't disregard its sublime charm upon landing.

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