Gopalgad fort is a fort which was built on the banks of Vashishti creek for the protection of Dabhol an ancient port city which also finds its mention by the famous geographer from ancient Greece Ptolemy. The fort now is in ruins with some of its walls crumbling. There is a well in the fort almost at the center around which there are remnants of an erstwhile palace. Some canon balls can be seen in the fort. There is a private Mango orchard in the fort and due to ownership issues, the entrance to the fort is blocked. The Gopalgad fort at village Anjanvel, Taluka-Guhagar, Dist-Ratnagiri is a sea fort with an approximate area of 7 acres. Most of the fort walls are still in a standing condition. Boulders can be seen adjacent to the exterior of the fort walls. The main fort has been extended by different rulers during different times. The main central fort was constructed by the Bijapur rulers in the 16th century. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj annexed this fort during his Dabhol campaign in 1660. After the death of Shivaji Maharaj in 1680, this fort was annexed by Siddi Khairat Khan in 1699. In 1744 the Maratha warrior Tuloji Angre captured this fort and added it back to the Maratha Kingdom (then Peshwa rule). Further, there was a dispute between the Angre's and the Peshwas and this fort went onto the Peshwa's in 1755. With the fall of the Maratha empire in 1818, it went to the British. From 1818 till 1947 it was under the control of the British. During his rule, Siddi Khairat Khan extended the fort walls down up to the sea level. The lower part of these fort walls is called "Padkot".The upper part of the fort walls, adjacent to the main fort is called "Balekot" and it was constructed during the rule of Tuloji Angre. Thus the Gopalgad fort consists of three parts i. The main central fort. ii. The Balekot (upper extended fort walls). iii.The Padakot (lower extended fort walls). An adventurous trek for about a mile through the hilly trails will lead the visitor to the top of the ruined fort. The hill breasts two small but attractive temples and a lighthouse at the top. One can get the stunning view of the nearby places from the lighthouse premises. This place offers all the exquisite beauty of nature. Presently it is having a mango orchard owned by a local villager. It can be called the fort of Anjanwel. Places to visit near Golpalgad fort: Guhagar Beach, Tarakeswar Light House, Tarakeswar Mandir, Ratnagiri Gas and Power Ltd.

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