The Garambi Dam was created by Nawab Sir Siddi Ahmed Khan. Located in the twin island of Murud Janjira. It was built during the Siddi reign, in memory of Queen Victoria. So it has gained the popular appeal of Victoria Jubilee Water Works. A dream project of Late Ahammad Khan who is one among the progressive rulers of the Siddi Dynasty. It is a source of water supply to the entire town of Murud Janjira and the neighboring places. It is set up against a scenic backdrop of the lush green vegetation and the sweet chirping of the many birds found here. This site is an excellent place to spend some valuable time with your family getting awed by nature’s beauty. At a height of 100m, these falls thunder in full glory during the monsoons. It is enjoyable to come here just to witness the falls. The best time to go is during the monsoons and post-monsoon from  September to May though it will not be advisable to swim below the falls. Summers (March to June) are hot with a temperature above 32 0 C. Winter is generally from November to February when a temperature is around 15 0 C.

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