An idyllic weekend getaway, Ganapatipule is one of the most popular beaches, stretching along the Konkan Coast. The beach is renowned for is scintillating blue sea, sun-kissed beach, rich flora, and Swayambhu Ganesh Temple that attracts tourists from around the country. A beautiful respite from city lights, Ganpatipule is the ideal place to relax and refresh and brings it on the list of Top 7 Beaches on Maharashtra Konkan Coast. Ganpatipule also has water sports to offer between the months of November-May. Its a clean rocky beach with fine silvery white sand, the Ganpatipule beach, is also known for the lagoon it houses. If you're the adventurous kinds, you can try your hands at balancing a kayak. The view from atop a small cliff at the end is captivating. Cashew and mango trees can be seen lined along the beach making the view all the more picturesque. Ganpatipule Beach - Ganpatipule has a fine blend of religion and recreational activities. This is the land of the 400-year old Swayambhaoo (a naturally formed idol) Ganpati Ganapatipule is ideal for family outing. The temple is 400 years old and is at the foot of a hillock. Most pilgrims believe in taking a 'Pradakshina' around the hill instead of just the temple. (Pradakshina is a form of showing obeisance wherein devotees walk in a circle around the idol of the deity or around the temple in which the idol is housed). Lord Ganpati of Ganpatipule is also called as the ' Paschim-Dwar Devata' (Western Sentinel God). Two grand festivals are celebrated every year - one is Bhadrapad Shuddha Chaturthi (Ganesh-Chaturthi) and another is Magh Shuddha Chaturthi (Vinayaki Chaturthi). Adventure freaks may enjoy paragliding, swimming, going for a motorboat, water scooter and pedal boat rides, camel rides, etc., which are some of the popular adventure water activities in Ganpatipule and everyone should enjoy here.

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