It is near Ganapatipule. This is Shri Mahaganesh temple. It has been proved that this temple is older than Ganapatipule temple. An ancient well of Pandav era is near the temple. It is fairly deep but there are steps to reach the bottom. The Ganesh idol in the temple is "Swayambhu" (i.e. formed naturally) idol with its trunk turned towards the west. The statue of the mouse in front of the temple is very beautiful and made up of metal alloy. Tourist should visit Ganeshgule in the Ganapatipule visit. Many devotees have generously donated to the Deity, the daily activities at this holy center, festivals and many other programmes carried out at Ganeshgule Temple. The Ganesh Temple at Ganapatipule is very ancient, right from the time of Peshwas. Ganpatipule is one of the" Ashta Dwar Devatas" (Eight Welcoming Deities) of the subcontinent and is known as Western's Sentinel God. Ganapatipule derived its name from? Ganapati" or the Lord of "Ganas"(army) and Pule' which means sand dune Places to visit nearby : Ganpatipule beach and temple, arevare beach, bhandarpule beach.

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