Divegar beach is located in Shrivardhan Taluka in the Raigad district, in the state of Maharashtra, that is almost a 170 kilometers to the south of the state. These all Divegar beach is located at the south end, whereas in the north end there is a sanctuary for migratory birds, offering an amazing visit to the visitors. Divegar beach Tourism offers many exciting features to the tourists as well as locals including a temple, a fishing settlement and help in many businesses that are related to beetle nuts and coconuts. Some resorts and many popular restaurants are situated around Divegar beach. Encircling Diveagar Beach, there is a range of six villages, facing the Arabian Sea that is almost four kilometers long. Many of the farming activities are done across my edges and as I’ve mentioned earlier, the fishing settlements around me serve to be quite beneficial to the fishermen. Bharadkhol is a small village, a few distances away from Divegar, which is a peak place for the fish sellers. The most important advantage is that this place is greatly linked with the Mumbai to Goa highway. There are a large number of Suru trees over Divegar beach, found in the coastal regions in Maharashtra mainly. Other than this, a big range of belu trees is also situated touching me and is quite uncommon in this region. People majorly prefer coming to Diveagar beach because this place has a good access to many towns nearby. Restaurants and Local Food in Diveagar: Diveagar does not offer many options for eating joints or restaurants outside the place of your stay. The in-house restaurant is best options offer several cuisines depending on the place you are staying at. However, there is an option of lunch homes housing the main street of the village offering best of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies in authentic Konkani cuisine. Stay in Diveagar: Diveagar is a beach town with budding tourism. Thus the place offers a plethora of accommodation options from guest houses and hotels to resorts. This accommodation ranges from budget hotels to the most luxurious beach resorts. Many of them offer a splendid view of the pristine beach with several discounted packages and luring prices. One can take the privilege of the hospitality, great food, and facilities as per their budget. Gurumauli Resort, Manas Resort, Anandi Beach resort and Ambience Cottage are few of the many available options. Places to visit near Divegar:

Para-sailing :

Jeep-towed parasailing is a major attraction in the small beach town of Diveagar. It is affordable and interesting, making for a great adventure sport for enthusiasts.

Horse cart riding:

A number of adventure activities are on offer at Diveagar, one of them being horse-cart riding along the spotless, untouched beach.

Somaja Devi Temple:

Lying along the Arabian Sea, Somaja Devi Temple is regarded as one of the major temples in the region situated near Diveagar. The temple is attached with a legend according to which miracle happen by worshipping here. Due to this reason, the temple is flocked by snake bite victims who visit offers their prayer to the Goddess to relieve them of the venom.

Peshwa Memorial:

Peshwa Memorial is a place dedicated to the prime minister of the Maratha Kingdom i.e. Peshwa. It is believed that the Maratha Kingdom rules this place. Shri Laxminarayan Temple Overview Considered to be a prime attraction of Shrivardhan, Shri Laxminarayan Temple is situated close to Harihareshwar and Diveagar. This beautiful temple is regarded as one of the major temples of the Peshwa created in the Hoysala style of architecture.

Bankot Fort :

Situated in Bagmandala close to Diveagar about 4 km away, Bankot Fort is a place for history buffs. It is said that the fort was captured by the Portuguese from Adil Shah in 1545 and was later acquired by Marathas. Also known as Himmat Garh, the fort even today stands in its full glory through what remained of it are only its ruins. The place is also famed for an opportunity for its tourists of exploring the northern region of the bay. Gajanan Temple is also featured by the fort located just at its entrance called Mahadarwaja and is adorned with an ornamented balcony displaying arches. One can also see a graveyard lying in the outer regions of the fort. The graves comprise vertical pillars as headstones and marble inscriptions.

Ganesh Gully :

Ganesh Gully is a narrow lane about 3 feet wide nestled between two Rocky Mountains. A holy niche located at the end of the culvert contains an idol of Lord Shiva. The place apart from its spiritual significance is also known for its enchanting surroundings and is visited by the devotees of Lord Shiva in large number. It is regarded that this sacred niche lies 30 feet below water and one can witness an idol of Lord Ganesha during tidal periods.

Kalbhairav Temple:

Regards as one of the oldest temple of Maharashtra, Kalbhairav Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. An idol of Lord Shiva is installed in the temple as a presiding deity. One will also see an idol of Kalbhiarav as well, who is believed to be the lord of all manthrashastras. According to the myth, Kalbhairav was created by Lord Shiva and further blessed him with all the manthrashastras. Another temple present within the premises of this temple is Yogeshwari temple also referred to as Dakshin Kashi.

Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary:

A paradise for nature and wildlife lovers, Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary is a place that offers various species of animals, birds, plants, and reptiles with a natural habitat. Sprawling across an area of 53 sq km, this sanctuary lies in Raigad District between western Coast and Northern Sahyadri Range. This place was once the hunting ground for the Siddhi Nawab of the Janjira State and is believed that many water bodies and roads were built within the premises of the king. Also, several villages were evacuated for the same purpose. Today, this place is packed with a bounty of fauna including wild boar, panther, sambar and barking deer. Plenty of bird species are also a part of this place about 148 in number such as forest wagtail, flycatcher, pied hornbill, footed green pigeon, black eagle etc. Besides various types of fauna, this place is also home to flora in great abundance, About 710 species of plants are found here like ficus, teak, Clitoria biflora etc.

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