Bagmandla is a remotely located beach in Raigad district in Maharashtra. The beach is clean with soft white sands. Sunrise and sunset are splendid at Bagmandla beach and tourists can be sure of being taken to a whole new world of awe and wonder. The village of bagmandla is of historical prominence as it used to be the residence of peshawas of the Maratha kingdom.

Bankot fort is a major attraction of bagmandla and boats can be hired to reach the fort. There is also a jungle jetty which is a sea harbor in the forest-a rarity. Ferries can be hired to reach the Bankot fort and the nearby Ratnagiri fort through the bagmandla creek and the ride is a pleasant one. Bagmandla is closely located to the temple town of Harihareshwar. Best time to visit Bagmandla is between October and April.

Food and shopping: The cuisine is simple, comprising rice and bread made of rice, fish, lentils, and vegetables. Tourists shop for authentic hapus mangoes at dead cheap prices.

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