Bagayat Beach is located in Vengurla on the western coastline of the Sindhudurg district. The beach is clean and calm bordered with cashew plants. Spread over 2 km sand line, the pristine blue water, and refreshing waves ensures cool and mind-blowing trip. There is a lighthouse on the south side of the beach. The Bagayat beach is another beautiful beach lying on the west coast of Sindhudurg. One needs to cross "Manasi" river on the way to reach Bagayat Beach. It is one of the clean beaches found on the coast. The entire area is calm and quiet, so overlook the natural port of Vengurla. This pristine stretch of shiny silvery sand dunes, refreshing waves, the border of magnificent cajurina plantations and fluttering palms which offers pleasure to the visitors. Walking through the sand with waves playing with the feet, it's a nice experience. The golden shade of the white sand during sunrise and the view of the sun setting into the ocean will set your mood on fire. The beach surrounding the temple has been wisely crafted and nurtured to grow a blooming courtyard of a variety of lowers bursting with all sorts of colors imaginable. At the entrance of the temple is the massive Deepstambh. The ever-vigilant Nandi the Bull at the entrance of the Lord's abode. Have fun with small crabs running around the Bagayat beach, finding the nearest hole to hide into. Till the water was up to the level of one hip and surprisingly. we could see the seabed with the naked eye.

Places to visit near Bagayat beach:

Bagayat Bandar, Malvan beach, Sarjekot Fort, Shree Shiv Chhatrapati temple.

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