In Maharashtra, “Shri Kshetra Kankeshwar” is one of the renowned & famous “Swayambhu” temple of Lord Shiva located in Kankeshwar, near Alibag in Raigad district. This temple is located 5 km northeast of Alibaug and is situated on a scenic mountain. One has to climb 700 steps to reach here. These steps are built by Govind Rangdas, the Diwan of Sardar Raghoji Angre.

At the base of the hill, there is the tomb of Naropant Pradhan. After climbing few steps, on the right hand side, there are Nagoba and Gaimandi hillock. The Gaymandi is nothing but the footprint of a cow on a rocky cliff surrounded by 5 Shivlinga’s. This place is in the memory of ones’ cow and next to it is the temple of Paleshwar, the reason leaves are flowed to this God and hence known as Paleshwar. Just a short distance from here is an ancient Kankeshwar Temple.

This temple is built in the 8th century in Hemadpanthi structure with top shaped like a star. On each corner there are idols of monkeys and on each side there are idols of gods. To the south there is Bhairav, Brahma and Savitri under it, Gayatri on the right, two elephants at the bottom and Bhairav, Shankar and two elephants on the side. Beside the temple, there are Bhimkund and Vishnutirth.

Due to the pleasant winds and the dense rainforest of Kankeshwar, the tourists gets attracted. From this place, Karnala fort, Manikgad, Sagargard and other forts can be seen.

How to reach?
Get down at Kankeshwar Naka on Alibag-Revas road and walk almost 3 km. Private vehicles goes till Mapgaon near Kankeshwar. Mumbai Gateway to Alibaug ferry service is also the best option to reach at the destination. Pen railway station is just 22 km away from here.

What to see?
Alibaug, the scenic, famous for delicious sea-food and headquarter of Raigad district, blessed by a 5-km-wide beach surrounded by coconut, betel nuts and cypress trees.