Harihareshwar is famous in the Konkan belt for its holy shrine of Harihareshwar. On one side there is a mountain surrounded by lush greenery and on the other side a beautifully clear and blue sea and an infinite beach with silver sand. It is also a pilgrimage place, witnessed by coconut nut gardens resting on the hillside. There are many temples & shrines of Harihareshwar, Kallabhairav, Yogeshwari, Siddhivinayak and Hanuman as well as Vishnupad, Gayatri Tirtha, Vakratirth, Suryatirtha, Yagnakund, Vishnu Tirtha which are on the beach. Shri Kshetra Harihareshwara is considered as a huge area. Though there are 108 pilgrimage sites in the country, the major pilgrimage is believed to be in Harihareshwar. Shri Harihareshwar Mahatmaya mentioned Harihareshwar as a most sacred place. Living in Harihareshwar is a great experience. Here is the rest house of Maharashtra State Tourism Corporation. Tourists can find all the facilities here and many private hotels can be also found here. So one can also experience how Harihareshwar town is hospitable. The Harihareshwar is about 205 km from Mumbai and 175 km from Pune. To get here, you need to take the help of buses or private vehicles.