The Goa fort is one of the three lookout forts (the other two are Fattedurg and Kanakdurg forts). It was created to protect the chief Suvarnadurg fort. The fort has two entrances – the first one being on the coastal side and the other on the sea-side that is blocked with stones. There’s a tiger sculpture at the lower side of the gate. Goa fort is 15 km afar from Dapoli. It is a significant tourist attraction in the Harnai village. The left side of the coastal door has a Gandabherunda. It is a Hindu mythological bird with enormous magical strength, having two heads and a long tail. There’s an intriguing tale concerning this bird.

 Lord Vishnu killed the demon Hiranyakashyap in the form of Narasimha. But even after destroying him, Narasimha, who tasted his blood, didn’t go back to being Vishnu. The Gods feared this and prayed to Lord Shiva. Shiva turned himself into Sharabha (a combination of man, lion, bird) to defeat Narasimha. But Narasimha turned himself into Gandabherunda and fought with Sharabha for 18 days straight. Gandabherunda killed Lord Shiva and died in a massive explosion himself.

So much Historic importance! This story makes visiting the Goa fort a must!

Location: Harnai, Dapoli.

Accommodation: There are plenty of hotels available.

Transport: You can reach Dapoli by Public as well as private transport.