Ganapatipule is mainly known for the old temple of Lord Ganesha. It is
believed that the idol of Ganapati here is Swayambhu. The Ganesha
temple is isolated due to the natural idols scattered in the hills of
Sahyadri and the Arabian Sea to the west. Since Ganapati’s idol is at
the side of the mountain, it is permissible to put the entire mountain
in order to put it in a circle. The 5-kilometer-long circular route is
very accessible to the sea, sandy beaches, and coconut shrubs. This
place is surrounded by sea and sand, so there are a lot of tourist
attractions. Tourists visit the Ganapatipule during the holidays.
Apart from the beaches and Ganapati temple, Ganapatipule has many
tourist destinations. About 2 km from Ganapatipule, Malgund is the
birthplace of the famous poet Keshavsut and there is a memorial of
Keshavsut in the village. Other attractions near Ganapatipule are
Jaigad Fort, Ancient Konkan Museum, Aare Vare beach. There are a large
number of resorts and hotels to stay in. Also, the MTDC resort of the
State Government is also available to stay.