Bankot Fort is 47 km away from Dapoli. Its located on a hilltop. It has a square-shaped structure with its walls decorated with several designs. As you enter the fort, you’ll find a porch where artists used to perform. Also, there are deep wells on the premise. The fort guarded the trade route in medieval times and hence was important. Greek traveler Ptolemy had first records about this fort in the 1st century A.D. Portuguese captured this fort from Mohammed Adil Shah. In 1700, the Marathi Koli Admiral Kanhoji Angre won. After his death, Tulaji and the Peshwas became rivals. Peshwas joined hands with the British and handed over Bankot to them. Due to the location of the fort, the British could seek no economic benefits from the place. Hence gave up their control over the fort. 

Location: Dapoli.

Accommodation: There are plenty of hotels available.

Transport: You can reach Dapoli by Public as well as private transport.